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Abstract for AMI Polyolefin Additives, Oct. 2017

We are pleased to announce you that Mr. Ryo Yokoyama, from ADEKA COPORATION will be present at AMI Polyolefin Additives, Oct. 2017, Vienna, Austria.

Below you can read an abstract : 

Nucleation and Clarification Technology for Polypropylene Sheet and Thermoforming Applications

The demand of Polypropylene (PP) with improved transparency and adequate stiffness allowing for lighter weight has increased globally and the range of PP application has diversified significantly. Organophosphate salt type clarifying agents (O-CA) which are able to enhance the transparency, crystallization rate and other properties of PP are well known. Especially in the application for sheet extrusion and thermoforming, O-CA shows enhanced performance compared to that in Injection molding.

In this study, the performance of clarifying agents was evaluated in PP sheets, and a significant difference in haze was observed compared to a corresponding injection-molded plaque. It is important to understanding this difference is important to select the most appropriate clarifying agent and the optimized dosage for PP extrusion sheet.

In addition, for thermoforming article, the gloss is particularly important to create an aesthetic appearance at the POS. The gloss of thermoforming article is affected by the gloss of PP sheet. O-CA can effectively contribute to the enhancement of the glossiness of a PP sheet.

This paper describes the optimized use of the clarifying agent O-CA for a number of desired enhancements in thermoforming applications.