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Polymers are increasingly used in new and varied applications where specific mechanical, thermal and electrical properties are required. Particularly in E&E, transportation and building applications another important property is flame retardancy to prevent the burning of polymers such as PE, PP and PA. ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe offers a range of halogen-free flame retardants that also enable environmental requirements to be met.

Specialty additives
ADK STAB FP-600 is a high molecular weight, liquid phosphate ester combining excellent flame retardant performance with good processing properties.
Specialty additives
ADK STAB FP-2100JC is a nitrogen/phosphorus-based, halogen-free flame retardant for polyolefins. ADK STAB FP-2100JC is an intumescent system showing excellent flame retardency with retention of mechanical properties. ADK STAB FP-2100JC is considered to represent a technical breakthrough in flame retardants for PP in particular.
 ADK STAB FP-2200S is a newly developed nitrogen-phosphorus based flame retardant used mainly for polyolefins. ADK STAB FP-2500S is the low dust version.