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ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe is using both melt blend technology (extrusion) and compaction technology for the production of tailor-made additive blends.

Our experience and expertise in additive blends covers most additives including :

  • - nucleating and clarifying agents
  • - antistatics
  • - antioxidants
  • - HALS/UV Absorbers
  • - slip agents,
  • - functional filless such as silica, talc..

Physical blends of stabilizers with different stabilization mechanisms are current state-of-the art. The overall effect of two stabilizers is better than what would be expected based on the sum of effects of each component alone.

Numerous publications have highlighted the synergism of phenolic and phosphite antioxidants. 


High quality additive blends for polyolefins, engineering plastics and other polymers made by compaction technology.


High quality additive blends for polyolefins, engineering plastics and other polymers made by extrusion technology.

ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe offers a range of standard and speciality additive masterbatches which illustrate high expertise and good technology.

We offer single additives in standard polymer grades (Additive Masterbatches) and we also offer single additives tailored to customer needs in polymer and/or polymer grade of choice.


High performance antistatic agents for extruded PP and HDPE, with superior anti-blocking effect, high thermal stability and greater resistance are available in polyolefin carriers.

Please contact us for tailor-made formulation. 



With many years experience in nucleating and clarifying agents developments, we are recognised as one of the leaders in the market for highly efficient additives. In advancing this tehnology further, we are now pleased to offer high performance NA and CA masterbatches.

ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe offers a broad range of environmentally-friendly blowing agents. These approved endothermic systems allow production of foamed products with a wide processing window.

These products are offered in an easy-to-use form for both injection moulding and extrusion, and are particularly recommended for polyolefins, polystyrene and engineering plastics.

ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe offers a range of standard and specialty compounds based on PBT (Oragter) and PA (Quoral).

We also offer specialty grades tailored to customer needs based on a wide range of Polymers (PA, PC, PBT, PPO..) with various types of fillers or reinforcement.