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ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe offers a range of standard and specialty compounds based on PBT (Oragter) and PA (Quoral).

We also offer specialty grades tailored to customer needs based on a wide range of Polymers (PA, PC, PBT, PPO..) with various types of fillers or reinforcement.


Our Orgater products are moulding compounds based on Polybutylene terephtalate (PBT) and are supplied in the form of pre-dried granules.

PBT is a polyester-based engineering thermoplastic plastic with excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance. It is used in a large number of applications, including automotive parts, building materials, electrical and electronic devices, connectors and capacitor casing.

Orgater engineering plastics offer:

  • - Long term, high temperature stability
  • - Ease of processing
  • - High rigidity
  • - High tensile strengh,
  • - Good resistance to creep
  • - Excellent dimensionnal stability
  • - Good abrasion resistance
  • - Low coefficient of friction
  • - Remarkable dielectric properties
  • - Resistance to ageing
  • - Excellent appearance of moulded components
  • - Excellent chemical resistance



Laminar Barrier Technology:

The laminar barrier technology is a combination of a barrier product together with an appropriate production technology.
By processing under well defined conditions in adapted extrusion equipment PA is stretched in thin lamellas in a PE matrix.
In this way an integrated layered structure is originated, where a multitude of overlapping PA platelets guarantee improved permeation results.

ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe can develop tailer-made compounds based on:

  • - PE
  • - PP
  • - PBT
  • - PVDF
  • - PA
  • - PPS



ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe can develop tailer-made compounds based on:

  • - Glass Fibers,
  • - Carbon Fibers,
  • - Tismo Fibers,
  • - Bronze Beads,
  • - Flame-retardants,
  • - Pigments,
  • - UVA,
  • - Other Additives: Antioxidants, processing aids and so on.