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Sulfur-containing antioxidants, also referred to as thioethers, react with and decompose polymer peroxide to inert substances. These so-called ‘secondary anti-oxidants’ exhibit a remarkable synergism in combination with hindered phenols to offer additional long term stability.

Specialty additives
ADK STAB AO-412S is a highly effective high molecular weight thioether antioxidant. It has low volatility and good compatibility with a wide range of polymers. It is suitable for polyolefins, especially high heat resistance filled systems, styrenic polymers such as ABS engineering plastics and other polymers.
Specialty additives
ADK STAB AO-26 is a liquid thio-ether antioxidant.  ADK STAB AO-26 offers exhibits excellent antioxidant properties offering superior long term stability an/or high thermal stability.