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Our Orgater products are moulding compounds based on Polybutylene terephtalate (PBT) and are supplied in the form of pre-dried granules.

PBT is a polyester-based engineering thermoplastic plastic with excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance. It is used in a large number of applications, including automotive parts, building materials, electrical and electronic devices, connectors and capacitor casing.

Orgater engineering plastics offer:

  • - Long term, high temperature stability
  • - Ease of processing
  • - High rigidity
  • - High tensile strengh,
  • - Good resistance to creep
  • - Excellent dimensionnal stability
  • - Good abrasion resistance
  • - Low coefficient of friction
  • - Remarkable dielectric properties
  • - Resistance to ageing
  • - Excellent appearance of moulded components
  • - Excellent chemical resistance


High and low MFI grades, also available with demoulding agent (D).

Containing glass-fibre which can be used up to 130°C continuously under load, up to 200°C continuously if there is no stress, and up to 220°C  for short periods under moderate stress.