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Mulhouse, France – June 11, 2024

ADEKA Polymer Additives Europe has 25 years of experience and know-how in chemical foaming agents. We produce high quality masterbatches and powder blends with a selection of specific ingredients for optimal performance. Furthermore, our challenge is to adapt our formulations to the market needs and this is possible thanks to our experience and, above all, to our customers who have placed their trust in us over the years.

ADEKA is now launching two new chemical foaming agents (CFA) dedicated to the automotive sector (but may also be of interest to other sectors): ORGATER MB.BA.33 and ORGATER MB.BA.34.

ORGATER MB.BA.33 is a foaming agent masterbatch which has the stand-out feature of reducing odors for plastic finishing parts. It is specifically developed for standard or core back injection process. It allows to reduce the polymer odor down by 1.5 point according to the VDA 270 Norm. Typical end uses are visible, interior automotive injected parts.

ORGATER MB.BA.34 is a foaming agent masterbatch designed to reduce the weight of assembly parts while preserving the mechanical properties. It is a flexible grade which allows to work at different processing temperatures, at different dosages and in various polymers while keeping all CFA advantages.

These new grades designed to lightweight plastics will also bring valuable additional benefits, such as energy savings (for example during part production and transport), increased productivity and flexibility in terms of machine choice, making them sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

In addition, both products are based on active ingredients that are environmental eco-friendly and which also do not present any exposure related hazards to workers.

Thanks to these two new chemical foaming agents offering high-quality surfaces and lighter structure weights, performances and comfort will be taken to a new level.